Conference Sessions and Chairs


1. Structure Materials and Functional Coatings

Dr. Junho CHOI (The University of Tokyo, JP)

Prof. Eungryul BAEK (Yeungnam University, KR)

Dr. Lin ZHANG (National Institute for Materials Science, JP)


2. Materials for Energy (Conversion and Storage) and Environment

2.1 Photovoltaics

Dr. Shien-Ping FENG (The University of Hong Kong, HK)

Dr. Xunjin ZHU (Hong Kong Baptist University, HK)

Dr. Dong Ha KIM (Ewha Womans University, KR)


2.2 Batteries and Fuel Cells

Prof. Yu-Ping WU (Fudan University, CN)

Nae-Lih WU (National Taiwan University, TW)


2.3 Thermoelectric and Thermal Insulation Materials

Prof. Chia-Jyi LIU (National Changhua University of Education, TW)

Prof. Yuan-Hua LIN (Tsinghua University, CN)

Dr. Ming-Tsung Hung (National Central University, TW)


2.4 Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications

Prof. Hongting ZHAO (Hangzhou Dianzi University, CN)

Dr. Shi-jie REN (Sichuan University, CN)


3.Optics and Photonic Materials

Prof. Han-Ki KIM (Kyung Hee University, KR)

Prof. Shu HOTTA (Kyoto Institute of Technology, JP)

Dr. Yiin-Kuen FUH (National Central University, TW)

Dr. Shih-Chieh (Roy) HSU (Tamkang University, TW)

Prof. Chi Chiu CHAN (Nanyang Technological University, SG)

Dr. Qing-Hua XU (National University of Singapore, SG)

Prof. Chong-Jun JIN (Sun Yat-Sen University, CN)


4. Electronics, Magnetics and Nanomaterials

Dr. Zhi Feng HUANG (Hong Kong Baptist University, HK)

Dr. Guobao LI (Peking University, CN)

Dr. Tae-Young MA (Gyeongsang National University, KR)

Dr. A L Roy VELLAISAMY (City University of Hong Kong, HK)

Prof. Xiaosheng FANG (Fudan University, CN)

Dr. Francis Chi Chung LING (The Univereity of Hong Kong, HK)

Dr. Jing YANG (Tianshing University, CN)

Dr. Seokhoon AHN (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, CN)


5. Polymer Science and Molecular Chemistry

Dr. Aravind DASARI (Nanyang Technological University, SG)

Prof. Yi TANG (Fudan University, CN)


6. Organic Materials and Bio-materials

Dr. Manthiriyappan SURESHKUMAR (University of Suwon, KR)

Dr. Ken Cham-Fai LEUNG (The Hong Kong Baptist University, HK)

Prof. Chuan-Guang QIN (Northwestern Polytechnical University, CN)

Prof. Yu CAO (Central China Normal University, CN)

Dr. Kun-Lin YANG (National University of Singapore, SG)


7. Materials Characterization and Computational Modeling

Dr. Yen Nee TAN (National University of Singapore, SG)


8. SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Lighting and display materials

Prof. In-Hwan LEE (Chonbuk National University, KR)


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