for IC-TEMS 2014 (July 20-24 2014)

Note: Printed Conference Proceeding (including authors' affiliations and presentation abstract) will be distributed on-site.


1. Synthesis and Properties of Dendritic MRI Contrast Agents for Tumor Imaging


2. Atomic-scale investigation on nanomaterials by means of scanning tunneling

microscopy (H.J. SHIN)

3. Design of Au@Pt Core–shell Nanostructures with Tunable Pt Submonolayers

and Their Applications in Direct Liquid Fuel Cell (K.F. YUNG)

4. Sound absorption characteristics of nanofiber sheet (S. AKASAKA)

5. Manipulation of liquid jets - fundamentals and implications for liquid dispensing

applications (H.C. Anderson SHUM)

6. The fabrication and application of a robust and intelligent digital microfluics (J.


7. Precipitation behavior of the gamma prime phase in a Ni-Co based superalloy

(C.Y. CUI)

8. Developemnt of high entropy superalloys (A.C. YEH)

9. Analysis of X-ray diffraction parameters near crack-tip (Y. AKINIWA)

10. Electrochemical Anodization in the Design of Nanostructured Electrode for

Energy-Related Applications (H.T. HUANG)

11. Conducting Polymer/Au Hybrids: Controllable Synthesis and Catalytic

Performances (J. HAN)

12. Polyaniline infilled Carbon Nanotube Endohedral Composite for Gas Sensor

Application (Z.H. YANG)

13. The study on the microstructure of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes (M. NI)

14. First principles study and design of catalytics systems for energy for energy storage and conversion (Patrick H.L. SIT)



15. Multiscale Scanning Probe Nanofabrication (W.Y. SHIM)

16. In-situ study on reaction pathways and kinetics of Cu(InGa)Se2 and

Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin film photovoltaic absorber formation (W.K. KIM)

17. Thermal conductivity of skutterudite CoSb3 from first principles: Substitution

and nanoengineering effects (B.L. HUANG)

18. Soft-templating Method to Access Crystalline Mesoporous Tantalum

Oxide/Nitride (L.M. GUO)

19. Synthesis and applications of nanofilms by molecular layer deposition (Y. QIN)

20. Putting 2D materials onto another for van der Waals heterostructure (G.H. LEE)



21. Functional membrane and coating materials based on photosensitive polymers

and colloidal crystals (H.L. CONG)

22. Graphene Oxide-Based Amplified Fluorescent Biosensor for Detection of

Mercury ions through Hybridization Chain Reactions (Z.G. LI)

23. Multiscale Structure Control of Polymeric Materials (S.K. YAN)

24. One-dimensional Growth Control of Polyaniline for Supercapacitor Electrodes

(X.X. LIU)


26. Biodegradable nanostructures as drug delivery carriers and bone regeneration

scaffolds (Y. WANG)

27. Graphene-Polymer Nanocomposite Materials for Biomedical Applications (C.Y.


28. collagen-mRNA platform for controllable protein delivery (L.P. SUN)

29. Novel corneal regeneration materials based on collagen (L. REN)

30. Fabrication of (111)-oriented Nanotwinned Copper by Electrodeposition and Its

Application in 3D IC Packaging (C. CHEN)

31. Electro-Optic Polymer/TiO2 Multilayer Slot Waveguide Modulators (Y. ENAMI)

32. Tunable energy transport through nano-scaled materials due to interface

coupling (J. WANG)

33. Novel Donor-Acceptor Organic Molecules for Visible Light Driven

Photocatalytic Dye-Sensitized Water Splitting Hydrogen Production (M. WATANABE)

34. Understanding charge transport as underlying strategy towards designing efficient water splitting photoelectrodes (W.Y. TEOH)



35. Enhanced efficiency of polymer solar cell by incorporated Ag/SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles in active layer (J.G. TANG)

36. TBA (Y.F. DENG)

Note: Printed Conference Proceeding (including authors' affiliations and presentation abstract) will be distributed on-site.

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